Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How Retailers Are Using Vine to Master Social Media

If social media marketing was split into tiers, the base would consist of networks like Twitter and Facebook. The second level involves managing a Google Plus account and posting pictures to Instagram and Pinterest. But at the top sits the niche networks which only the savviest marketers truly utilize. Enter Vine.
Vine is a mobile video platform that records six seconds of footage and publishes the final product to a social sharing feed similar to Twitter or Instagram. The videos repeat in a loop, which can add a flavor of humor to the mix, and retailers are jumping on this bandwagon to create new ways to reach consumers.

Urban Outfitters

Because Vine can record a number of short segments within the six-second limit, quick-shot product demos are a great way to use such a short amount of time to show off new items online. Urban Outfitters was one of the first major retailers to use Vine when it launched in early 2013 and is still active on the social network. Along with product demos, it also uploads videos showing its fun and cool company culture and events.


Another early player in the game, Lowe's Hardware made its mark with the "fix in six" series. A compilation of videos giving handy tips around the house using stop-motion animation on Vine. The genius behind "fix in six" is that it doesn't advertise Lowe's directly, but essentially hands out free advice on products the company sells. The clip above shows how to remove a screw that won't budge by using a wrench for extra torque. Viewers who see this might hop over to Lowe's for the right tools.


Gap uses Vine like a sort of video Pinterest board. It puts new products on display and throws in a twist of creativity and artistic style to add some flair in that six-second window. While videos from Lowe's require a little more production effort, Gap shows that any retailer, no matter what its marketing budget, can make the same quality product videos and a multi-million dollar clothing retailer.
Clothing and "mall" retailers also have the opportunity to use Vine to promote seasonal shopping periods. Department stores could advertise for Black Friday at JC Penny or Macy's with a quick, six-second shot of some of those early morning deals.


Not every Vine has to be a product video. This post from Puma gives a behind-the-scenes look at a commercial shoot for the shoe company and sporting retailer. Consumers love to see what their favorite companies are doing behind closed doors and these videos are the perfect way to show sneak peaks of company culture (similar to Urban Outfitters' videos).