Wednesday, 31 July 2013

DO's & DON'Ts for bloggers

We got the lowdown on all things blogging from some of the top industry experts in the blogosphere. If you’re wondering what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you’re blogging – check out our expert panel’s top tips.

Here’s what you SHOULD be doing:

"DO be tenacious - don't give up, regular and disciplined posting pays off eventually." Dominic Smales – Gleam Digital.

"DO think about brands and how you can work with them." Vicki Fogwill – Social Media Manager for Next.

"DO make real world connections as well as online ones - the contacts you can make at events and seminars will be invaluable." Dominic Smales – Gleam Digital.

"DO value your work and your own worth." Kat Williams –

"DO become friends with other bloggers. Rival blogs in London have become my best friends – it becomes a family. You should see bloggers as friends rather than enemies. Networking is huge!" Emily Johnston –

"DO look for stories and be proactive." Pat McNulty – Wed Editor at

"DO collaborate. Invite other bloggers onto your blog or channel then do the same with them. Post or publish together, linking to each other’s posts - your traffic should benefit." Dominic Smales – Gleam Digital.

Now take a read on what you SHOULDN’T be doing:

"DON’T blog/vlog thinking it’s a fast track to riches or even freebies. The audience and potential clients can tell and will run a mile. The pure passion and enthusiasm of your blog is what will make it successful." Dominic Smales – Gleam Digital.

"DON’T just email asking for free stuff and invites to events." Vicki Fogwill – Social Media Manager for Next.

"DON’T write things and assume everyone is interested. You may not have an audience." Andreas Pouros – Greenlight Digital.

"DON’T be controversial for the sake of it." Kat Williams –

"DON’T get frustrated. Stick with it – it’s not always a quick fix." Emily Johnston –

"DON’T make enemies of other bloggers or brands. If you have a non-constructive, negative opinion of someone or something, keep it to yourself or tell your Mum, just don't tweet or post about it." Dominic Smales - Gleam Digital.

"DON’T give away your rights or content. Your audience is valuable - so don't be afraid to constantly question, 'What's in it for me?'" Dominic Smales – Gleam Digital.

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