Monday, 12 August 2013

Tips for effective Facebook Marketing

Yes, everyone is aware of what Facebook is and what all can be done using this social media giant. Every now and then new features and new dimensions are added to it which is of great use to its users across nations.  Facebook over time has emerged as an important social media domain and finds more users other than any other platform.
Owing to the above mentioned fact more and more brand managers are using the platform for promoting their product and service. As we all can see the the count of brands in the market have increased and subsequently the competition as well, it is very important that all managers carry out effective social media marketing strategies to remain at the top.
Here are some tips to enable effective Facebook marketing,

1.   Purpose of creating a page
A Facebook page is like the identity of a brand on the platform. It is always created keeping in mind a set of goals and patterns. It is important to understand why the page is created and what benefits or insights will be drawn from the brand’s Facebook page. When a demarcated purpose is highlighted it becomes easy for brands to perform and look out for their course of action.

2.      Segment, Target and Position
Each one of us is aware of the fact that Facebook has the largest user interface and that it is the most widely used platform by people. It is very important to know a brand’s target market before further planning and execution of marketing strategy is done. Segmenting your own target group and then knowing effective tools to reach out to them enables a brand manager to cater to the needs of the people in a way that provides better results. Positioning the product comes at a later stage but is as effective and as important as the other two are.

 3.      Creative and Attractive
In order to lure the segmented and targeted audience towards your Facebook page and your brand one needs to ensure that the page has some value to it. It is to be ensured that the page has certain captivating factors that can help a brand retain the users that come to the page. Creativity is a factor that is required in all the stages of marketing a product as it plays the most important role and enables users to find something worthwhile in the brand.

4.      Use Custom Tabs
Custom Tabs are certain applications that are used on Facebook which provide better marketing results and establishes easy connections with the users. Custom tabs refer to the addition of tabs like Contact Us tab, Website tab, Welcome tab and many more that are added as links to the pages and ensure easy communication with the clients. This also adds a touch to the creative aspect of the page and gives many added advantages.

 5.      Facebook Campaigns
Social Media Marketing is incomplete without the running an impressive Facebook campaign that could change the fate of a brand tremendously. The campaigns should be according to the brand, the one that best suits a brand and is relevant enough. Photo Contests, Video Contests, Polls, Voting all are a part of effective campaigns that provide not only great insights but are the most innovative and useful way of reaching and targeting our audiences.

 6.      Daily frequent posts
Another method and way of making the Facebook page work is by the daily post and status updates that are done and that add to the constant interaction between the user and the brand. These need to be relevant and at the same time good for the users to feel an urge to like/comment and build a rapport with the brand.